28 day Spiritual Cleansing Intensive

If you are ready to do some intense spiritual, physical, emotional, and mental cleansing, then this is the workshop for you. This program will be offered four times during the year January, April, July, and October. If these months are not convenient, please let us know what month you would like to begin your journey. Beginning the evening before the first Sunday, you will receive daily readings, homework assignments and an affirmation from me.

This workshop is for those wanting to clarify who they are, why they are here, and what their mission in life is. This workshop will also assist in making yourself a priority, restoring balance and peace to your life, and allowing yourself the space to develop a new relationship with yourself. This workshop will also address all four elements of nature, air, water, fire, and earth as they apply to various aspects of your life.

You should be able to commit at least 1 hour or more per day for this month. I will also be available in person, by phone or Zoom for a 30-minute check in after the completion of each week to assist you in your processing. Supplies needed two journals (each used for a different purpose)

A space is created for those in the group to communicate and support each other throughout the journey.  

28 Day Spiritual Cleansing Intensive
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