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Earth Medicine Training Program with Shaman Bonnie Sandera (The South) - Day 1 of 2

Place/Venue: Pittsford, NY 14534
Description of Event: Training will be held in Pittsford village. Exact address will be forthcomng upon registration fee sent to Rev. Maryanna Mueller
Call for discount if taking August West training as well. The South portion, Part 1 of our Earth Medicine Training Program with Shaman Bonnie Sandera Friday, June 28th, 2013. Needs to be completed on August 23rd for Part 2. Bonnie has been working in the healing energy field for over twenty years, and has a Bachelor of Science from St. John's University. She has received her certification in Shamanic Energy Healing from the Alberto Villoldo and Four Winds Society. Bonnie is a Reiki Master, and is a certified Hypnotist. Bonnie is trained in many facets of Shamanism including Extraction work, Soul Retrieval & Destiny Retrieval. Bonnie also works several Q’ero Elders including Don Martin, Don Francisco and Don Marco. Most recently Bonnie Sandera has written and published two novels, ‘Deadly Secrets’ & ‘Darkness of Night’ which is available on Amazon Kindle & Smashwords. She is also available for private sessions in the following modalities: SHAMANIC EXTRACTION PROCESS; SOUL RETRIEVAL PROCESS; DESTINY RETRIEVAL; THE MUNAY-KI, OR THE GREAT RITES OF THE QUERO SHAMAN-

Call Maryanna for Private Sessions 585.727.3346

Bring three crystals of choice and a piece of cloth about 20"x20" with a short cord or ribbon, made of natural woven materials.
Currency: $350.00 per person
Email Address:
 Wheelchair Accessible: No