The mouth of an enlightened woman speaks in confidence

Words of eternal Peace shared with her brothers,

Clear understanding of spiritual things given in delight

Powerful knowledge of the Truth loved and celebrated together;

Heavenly wisdom worn fearlessly as pure white clothing,

Gracious sparkles always with jewels of revelation,

Daily at rest in victory

At complete rest in triumph;

Each new day Holy Words feasted upon as Bread from Heaven

Each new day Holy Words drank as Living Water,

All to prosper as one in trust before her God

Then to gather from His immaculate garden

Most beautiful, most delicate flowers

Exquisite colors and unique shapes,

Aromas of incense that captivate

In the essence of a prayerful moment in eternity

Now, with a radiant armful of Living Beauty

To set in worship before her King,

Our Lord of Hosts.



   * If anyone is interested in a homemade booklet of the "My Garden" series,

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Whether spread across the Heavens

Or wrapped about the Earth

A rich blanket of Divine Peace settles

Most intimate hand woven tapestry of lovingkindness,

Powerful love that burns brighter than the sun,

A zealous fire in the eyes of our Maker!

From the pageantry of all Creation

To the genetic make-up of every human who walks His earth,

The words and thoughts and actions recorded for eternity,

Tenderness is felt toward each one;

Every emotion experienced

Each tear shed by a child,

Kindness offered while seeing the end from the beginning;

Knowledge of every fish and creature in the seas,

Understanding of all the birds of the air,

Sharpened perception of all the animals upon the earth,

Each and every life form, seen or unseen!

The breath taking beauty of angels

Also spread about His Heaven and Earth as brilliant stars above

Who also love and serve in gracious power and authority.  



          https://garybertnick.wordpress .com 


Adam and Eve wandered as one casually in divine pleasure

At peace and at rest

The garden wonder of what their eyes beheld

What all their senses feasted upon

They walked together as crowning beauty

To all the Lord had made,

Spiritual honor thrived

Always in a shared view from above

Passion of insights more than could be imagined

What the Artist of artists had made

Intricate details with endless paths of discovery

From smaller to larger, only to become more treasures

Energy wavelengths, seen and unseen

All sights and sounds, Spirit clarity,

Every touch and taste and smell

And the intimate gift of love joined  to each other,

Exquisite beauty and unmatched strength blended

Intuitive children of their Creator.

As new parents of all who follow,

Even vessels of kindness shown from the beginning

Patriarch and matriarch, hand in hand, heart within heart

For better or for worse, through good or evil;

All now walk through the same garden of mercy, true beauty to be revealed,

As sons and daughters of the Merciful One! 



        book- "Aaron and Nathaniel, Two Stories For God's Children"  


Tears for the lost

Memories of those who slipped by

"Women at the well" thought beyond reach;

A painful grip on this heart

What could have been

What should have happened,

But did not,

Oh merciful God, compassionate Lord

Who wants all to be saved

And none to be lost;

How often prayers seemed to be empty

Other things made footsteps heavy

But the battles are still fought

And the Spirit rises up afresh

The Redeemer always lives

Loving hands of redemption held out;

The heart is turned once again

Another in need of a holy embrace

Draws near

And then prayerfully draws even nearer,

Words are spoken in kindness

Tenderness penetrates the soul

Gentleness touches the human spirit

Love is shown to be pure

Truth becomes a sharp sword,

The old life is pierced

And the new life is given birth!

Eternal friendship has begun

Freely held out once more,

And another one walks through the narrow gate

Awe and wonder unfolds in most intimate revelation

The glow of a pearl about

A taste of Heaven rich in the mouth

Living water flows within as delight

Strength of will to believe is given

Then, belief in Messiah

Graciously becomes the "Gift of Faith"

And the discovery of eternal mysteries as God's treasures

Has begun for another "woman at the well"

Who takes the hand of Shepherd Yeshua at last!



          Gary Bertnick


Another cup of goodness poured out

As heavy weights made lighter

Branches that drink energy without bearing fruit

Are cut off!

What is practical and useful in meaning

What is committed in Truth to efficiency

Focused on the goals of the Holy Spirit

Clearly designed for this present purpose,

Fully engaged in what honestly works

In step, led easily in mature growth

Ready to carry a good load

Ready to bear lasting good fruit,

These stand favored, secure

Blessed from above in harvest

Blessed with new vibrant strength

New Kingdom qualities

Honor with power displayed

Everything working together as one

Character streamlined, efficient for ripened goodness

All majestic character qualities lifted very high above the world

In this chosen fruit, this abundance promised!



            New Book- "Aaron and Nathaniel, Two Stories For God's Children"



These weeds always near

Somehow sprout up

Never planted, but always there;

Diligence reaches out

Perseverance pulls them out by the roots

Endurance tosses them onto the trash pile

New strength burns them with "Holy Fire":

Weeds as dark, pesky spirit flies

Or gnats that seek to ruin

Spoil at any picnic,

Like deer flies that annoy at the lake!

The garden is finally cleansed,

Daily the garden is watched over

Guarded carefully

Alert eyes and quickened hands,

Nothing impure is sprinkled about or sprayed,

And the garden is kept truly clean!

Only what really belongs is left

What does not belong is tossed out

And remains far outside,

Gone from what the heart of the true gardener embraces.



    book- "Aaron and Nathaniel, Two Stories For God's Children"

           available on Amazon.com...


The soil is worked by invisible hands

A heart prepared in precise details

Circumstances foreknown

Circumstances predestined

Seemingly endless contingencies for good

As divine arrows strike each target

Angelic powers and authority delegated,

Each person chosen even before understanding

Before birth, before any choices taken;

Optimum conditions on the outside

In spite of things that change on the outside.

Truth nourishes with honesty

New fertilizers clean and pure

As the natural experiences become supernatural,

Heavenly treasures that blend into the earth

And are discovered, 

Like beautiful oak trees that sprout up

Tower high, reach out wide

Certainly a planting of the Master Gardener

Who works from above

As Royal Sovereignty is revealed below.



          book- "Aaron and Nathaniel, Two Stories For God's Children" available

                 on Amazon .com ...


The joy of planting good seeds

As Truth spoken in love,

Truth in times "as a kiss on the lips".

Much delight in expectations

Such pleasure in practical purposes,

Hope wrapped about in love for another;

This seed placed in special nourished soil

Growth already seen in Spirit visions,

A glimpse or two of the end from the beginning

Healthy wheat, healthy corn

Healthy grains and beautiful fruit!

So many from just One

A new life birthed given freely for others

Even as the early Apostles

And the many disciples with purest loyalty

Rough hands, strong hands often covered with dirt,

Faithful human spirits at work in the richest soil;

Harvest done always in honor of the Master Gardener,

Today the only fulfilling delight we can know!



          Gary Bertnick


       (book-Aaron and Nathaniel, Two Stories For God's Children- available on Amazon.com)

MY  GARDEN-  1/10:



He waters in peacefulness

Glad servant of the Master Gardener

Encouragement given that flows daily

Within, then without;

The ground about is often dry

The ground is hard again

Sun so harsh, withering all life,

But this one walks His chosen path

From plant to plant

Up and down each row

Around each bed

Even scattered plants in the fields as well.

At times tears mix with the water,

These plants cared for, tenderly day after day

Many days that go on for years

And yet, little fruit on the stem,

No lasting fruit on the vine!

Tireless prayers are spoken from the heart without ceasing

Then, "Mercy and Love" says to water them one more time;

So he steadfastly waters on

Led by the Master's strength

Led by the Master's Spirit of Love!


            https://garybertnick.wordpress .com 


Streams of comfort from above

Always so gentle with kindness

In a steady flow of tenderness,

The One who always cares

Who answers every prayer

Eternally loves His own,

Calls us together as a Shepherd's flock

All those favored greatly

Held closer to His heart

Much as a small lamb carried,

The sheep with their young;

The powerful touch of forgiveness

Relieves the stress

Lightens the heavy pressures

Makes life a true pleasure,

From one day to the next

The flame of hope burns brighter!

As the One who holds our future

Is able to save,

More than able to comfort

To calm the rough waves of any life on Earth

No matter the time or place

No matter the circumstances,

So the Sovereign Lord can lift any darkness

Remove the spirit of blindness

With a single Holy Breath

A loving Word with a loving voice,

Light given for the eyes

Freely healing the body and soul;

All given in a glimpse of Heaven

The destiny that unfolds

As we patiently wait the finished work of His comforting hands.



       https://garybertnick.wordpres s.com 



The Stream of God in the desert,

What really counts on earth

What truly matters in the world-

"Life and breath and everything else";

The Holy One has spoken to me

Often to you as well,

And what can we do

But worship Him!

Daily offer up sacrifices of praise

Fragrant incense mixed with the prayers of our hearts

As disciples who bow before the only Throne;

Our King looks upon us with satisfaction,

A pleasure fully embraced.

And now we go forth as warriors

Compelled by His love

We reach out to the nations

To the strangers we meet along our paths,

Even Internet connections as digital mysteries

And our hands give fully to the weak and the poor

Yes, to those deceived and heart hardened,

The young bodies with rotten souls;

Young and old treated alike

Men and women the same,

All precious creatures by God's creative hand

Formed in the womb

Known before the first breath taken!

The Spirit of Heaven guides

Counsels and empowers for faith in action,

Steps taken in new strength

Things done in power

Led by, controlled by Messiah's Sovereign Spirit of freedom;

How wonderful the breath of life

To those who stand in awe

With reverence before the Majesty.

Now we walk the desert in the Presence of the Lord

Through the fire and the flood

More than surviving to enter into His abundance,

Our High Priest and our King

Firstborn son of the Most High Father,

His God and our God

His Father and now our Father.



            https://garybertnick.wordpress .com 


Long ago gracious words were spoken

Through a friend's honesty

And through the sublime work of the Lord;

Things were said

Simple questions were asked

And suddenly a numbing cloud of despair lifted,

Never to return.

The beauty of a new quiet was within

A soft blanket of comforting, soothing peace settled inside,

With little understanding, I stood amazed

In freedom far from my own grasp.

Something good entered my heart and soul

I stood that night in mysterious calm at last;

After battling internal conflicts for years,

Struggles that ebbed and flowed in relationships and circumstances

Pulled and tore me finally into weakened shreds;

It all disappeared

As the Name above every name was revealed

To believe in Him, and then receive faith!

A door to answered prayers opened

And after some months, I took hold fully of the Absolute,

Messiah's Truth tasted, and seen and heard

Soon to flood throughout my entire being

As the Holy Spirit led a continual Scripture feast

Eating my "daily Bread" became prayerful discipline

Words written from the very mouth of God

The living "Word made flesh"made known to me

One step, one day at a time;

My path into a certain future

Sure hope richly alive in me

The Way of Eternal Life,

The King of Truth now my Shepherd,

My God of trust!



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Love runs so much deeper

Like the greater oceans beneath the Earth's surface

And many hidden rivers that roar;

True love embraces the spirit

Tenderly wraps about the heart

With gentleness always upon the  soul,

The body honored, 

Hands of kindness touch the human frailty,

Purest care given to the one so loved!

The eternal wealth of a human being

Valued as a vessel, as a disciple of the Lord;

Seen in a friend, in a lover

As family or a neighbor

As a stranger or foreigner far off,

True love gives generously and receives with thanksgiving.

All is done with Holy Spirit wings of freedom

That glide as angels from the Throne Room,

In powerful inner discipline down upon the earth,

Settling in protective, encouraging strength upon one more so loved.

In quiet moments, two or three drawn together as servants of love,

Difficult today to find,

This true love that runs so much deeper,

Steadfastness a gift lived out

Learned from day to day

Grows as knowledge from above grows within,

Understanding of greater things

Greater heavenly purposes 

Greater lasting meaning in our lives.



            https://garybertnick.wordpress .com 


Never a quitter

Never to fold up the tent and walk away

Or turn our back on a friend,

A brother or sister

Bought by  Royal Blood

So long ago, on the Cross,

The most fierce warrior ever to walk the Earth

Triumph and victory the clothes He wore that day

In most zealous fervor, determined commitment

Covenant honor to His Father

Covenant love to all creation

His family, His apostles, His disciples

His Israel, His Jerusalem!

We walk in His footsteps as the Shepherd leads us

We will never turn to the right or to the left

But with hearts poured out, we follow Him with all our being;

Each step taken, each breath drawn in, each pulse of every heartbeat.

Steadfast love carries us on with perseverance in great endurance

From impossible to impossible made possible by our God

Our victorious walk of faith

Through cities, through countrysides

Through wars in the spiritual realm

Through earthly battlefields

Taste of victory always in our mouths

Triumph over human weaknesses

From strength to strength our footsteps carry on

In greatest confidence

Until we stand in salvation before our Savior,

Hand in hand with many known and unknown friends

Arms lifted in praise

Voices roar together as that Lion does,

We will finish what was started by each

Never, ever will we quit the victory we now taste

The strength and power of our Lord always at our side!



            https://garybertnick.wordpress .com  


After all is gone

With nothing, no one left,

The eyes just water

As I sit and stare

With every difficult breath;

This heart is broken

This heart is beyond sadness,

Much good was trampled in the streets,

A once great city, a beautiful house

A home empty and ruined.

Sweet fellowship of family, of Church cut off

Those so loved now lost in a violent storm;

But His true love remains

Peace still rains down from above

Soaks deep within the heart and soul,

This cold heart is warmed again

Such memories, good thoughts renew

Seem very much alive;

The Lord is the same

"Yesterday, today and forever",

The Shepherd remains very close

From the beginning to the end

My all in all,

Through all loss, all gains

Everything thought once valued, taken away;

But always Messiah's love remains,

I will stand strong till the end!



            https://garybertnick.wordpress .com


   *Personal note- As you have time, revisit this series- 1 through 10.


 Again hearts turn more towards the "Light of the World"

Truth of being, Rock Solid

Only lasting Way of existence

The Path that works

As personal needs overwhelm

Daily work of the Lord within and without.

The Door of kindness remains open

To bathe the soul in purity

To drink the clear, clean waters of Truth

Just as the "woman at the well"

When compassion from Heaven was fully made known

The personal revelation of a Savior

Worship of One who always cares

Powerful in love and authority

He who touches with absolute healing.

Draw ever closer my friends

Grow stronger in the Lord,

Now, even closer dear brother

Even closer each day dear sister,

For "the Name of the Lord is a strong tower"

Our only refuge during these coming life storms!



             https://garybertnick.wordpres s.com  

      BLUE  THE  SKY

Blue the sky and red the rose

Green the grass in a perfect meadow

Bright the days of a man triumphant

White covers the sins of a new born heart

Great the mercy of One who cares

Clear they eyes of the "Blood bought" son

Wise the heart of the woman who draws near

New the birth of a soul redeemed

Strong the stature of those so loved

Humble the Lord who bought His own

Confident the flock that now stands true

Delightful the pleasure of being His sheep

Free the gladness of one in that flock

Absolute control, the hands of the Creator

Sovereign the touch of the Maker

Complete the creation from smallest to the largest,

Closest to farthest, seen and unseen.

Eternal the future of the children of the King

Forever the Love that always surrounds,

Eternal the fire, a tragic, simple fact for all the lost.

Still and quiet the waters below this blue sky

Calm the waves on each and every distant shore.



            https://garybertnick.wordpress .com 


With one child sleeping and two children mellow

These words openly express a sharing,

In a simple, pleasant way

Captures a moment that has gathered into a bundle of peace,

A truly calming gift to celebrate in thankfulness,

Happily it touches my heart and relieves bits of stress and strain

That tried to pick away at a newly growing strength of faith

And the confident assurance that surrounds us here

Abounding in the heavenly love that shines as the Source of it all,

And the trust in the grace that has carried our lives this far;

It blends love hopefully throughout each day

As I comfortably feel the Presence of the Holy One

Often in the exchanges of things we seldom take time enough to notice,

In the honest awareness of what we should all expect

From the open arms, acceptance from Messiah

And in the joy to be tasted freely in the new humble capacity for His Truth!

Now, two children sleep,

The wood fire begins to fade 

And one mellows just a little bit more

In the softening of a heart to the surprise spiritual gifts,

Of what living simply in Humboldt County in the  early 1980's

And quiet honesty in the Lord's eternal Presence

Can really mean. 



            https://garybertnick.wordpress .com  



       *Personal note- We are at the very beginning of the "70th week" written about by the ancient prophet Daniel.   The show being put on by our USA government and intelligence people and media folks is about one thing- distraction and confusion.   It is cover to keep the public eyes off what is really going on which is the ruining of our economy and the  weakening of our national security    through internal divisions.  As we try to continue to divide the land of Israel and deny the role of Jerusalem, these things will accelerate.     Prayerfully seek refuge in God alone.  Be where you're supposed to be.  Be with those you're supposed to be with.  Do what you're supposed to be doing in God's Kingdom today.  Understand what it means to be "led by the Holy Spirit".


A. The Name that dances in the heavens

     The Name that walks the earth

     The One who moves the stars about

     The One who shades the sun

     The Voice of love moves in the wind

     This Voice now lives deep within.


     So I say-

     My heart cries out

     My mouth sings free

     Such joy I have within

     My lungs cry out

     My tongue sings free

     Such joy I have just comes out!

B. Worship Him in the morning time

     Praise Him all of the day

     With love He brings another heart

     Rebirth so that we sing

     Happiness surrounds all my life

     The peace now settled within.

C. Our hearts dance everywhere

     Gladness with each new face

     To touch with love and hold in peace

     A precious heart and soul

     New life comes down from high above

     A new life to live today.



            https://garybertnick. wordpress.com 


The persecuted ones in a lifting, powerful anthem,

Their lives shine more brightly

As Holy Water poured out freely

Abundantly upon a massive, ancient altar Rock

Place of sacrificial love, place of lasting honor;

Each name as a banner held up high

Beautiful names written in silver and gold

Stars as jewels by each name pulse with vibrant life

Winds of the Spirit catch each banner like a gust on a sail

The sky ships carry the names very high indeed,

Even many souls from unknown places on Earth-

Villages and farmlands easily forgotten,

Jungles and grasslands from far off nations

Mountains and deserts rarely seen,

Tiny corners of huge sprawling cities

Even those where Satan lives and rules,

Where darkness pretends to reign as light.

Wickedness covers itself with religious robes

Tramples the gentle ones as "Nicolaitans" did,

They crush the tender and the willing

Even as seeds forced into the hard ground

Stiff boots that kick and spit upon and worse.

But a new creation, a new world rests within each one

Good "Seed of Promise" within the body just sown,

Heavenly hands worked the difficult soil

Scraped and tilled the ground

They water the precious seed;

A fresh breath of Holy Fire upon them all

"Love stronger than death", a holy angelic chant!

Eventually songs of worship rise from the earth

Meet the countless angels high above

Together in a chorus, a dance in eternal celebration

Together in life that is True Life.

Loud thunder roars as a river that moves deeply through the earth

Leaps and rushes from broad valleys, then out above highest mountains

Up into the very heavens,

High above heaven and earth.

The moments of persecution forgotten

Suffering and all painful thoughts removed

As the Hand of Eternity wipes away every trace of every sorrowful tear,

Every trace of every priceless drop of human blood shed,

For they remained faithful

"Even to the point of death." 



            https://garybertnick.wordpress .com