Drawn into the arms of true love,

As one who wandered, who often stumbled

Who drifted at times with earthly winds

Blown about here and there

Year after year after year;

Insignificant, lost, superficial and alone.

The will to live, inner sense of eternity nearly gone

Yet, the hand of tenderness reached out

A touch of mercy came from beyond the Universe

Beyond the natural, a great gentleness revealed

Kindness from a place far outside this world

Intimate caring from the Throne of all power

Real authority given creative expression in another human life;

Another object of mercy stands free

Suddenly caught up in comforting revelation

Our God who cares, who makes Himself known

Peace and always, always more.

Yeshua who shows us the Father of Glory

Gives life and hope and purpose;

Meaning covers in eternal Spirit rest;

Eyes that can see in and through

Timeless eyes that wept in compassion

Over a friend Lazarus and those who mourned in unbelief

Eyes of purest love that compels

The Light of those eyes of beauty

Draw us near,

His flock, drawn together as one!


        Peace, Gary Bertnick


Center of the World

Land of all destiny

Chosen from before creation

Home of spiritual revelation

Throne of the King

Place of covenant peace.

One day the Lord will walk down the hill

Mount of Olives covered with strides of Glory

Multitudes line the path with purest worship

A celebration without end

Triumph of our God of Truth

Majestic fruit of our God of Love.

A thousand years of wonder upon this Earth

As continual jubilation

In anticipation of the New Jerusalem to descend;

His chosen place of triumph

Good over evil

Truth over Satan's lies

Light over darkness

Human rebirth over hopeless slavery

Splendor over emptiness

Hope fulfilled over any hint of despair

Eternal life over nothingness!

I will be there to bow before the Ancient of Days,

King of all Jews;

How about you?


A child wanders along a school playground

He seeks friends

Wants to laugh and play

He wants to have fun like others

Yet, he wanders alone

As if lost

Yearning from deep within

Longing for something,

For someone

Then, he stumbles once more,

And gets up again

Continues to search

Though he's not sure for what;

Tears have long ago dried up

Given up, then tried again and again.

Suddenly one day a little bird hops along the ground nearby

With a hurt wing

He picks up the sparrow and puts it carefully away

Safely in a small tree on a hidden branch.

Then a tear returns, runs down his face

And he remembers some words he once heard,

A stranger talked loudly by a store downtown

About "rising up again"

And someone who died a long time ago

Someone special and something about a "Cross" somewhere,

A good man who came back to life

Who is alive even today

To help us, to love us

A friend forever

Who cares when no one else does;

Some grownups laughed as they walked by,

But he listened and remembered.

So, he sat down in a corner of the school playground

As some other kids ran around in groups,

He began to talk out loud up to the sky

And even cry for this Lord

To somehow be alive to him, too

A real friend forever;

Then, it happened

Like an angel, but more

Who took him in His arms

Held him close as He spoke

"Forever my son

Yes, forever and ever."

Even more tender words followed that have never left him

As he grew up and later became an old man.


          Peace, Gary Bertnick


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He stands on the brink of eternity

Another long night passing

Intellect swirled about and only brought fatigue,

Older and still alone, numbness of will a veil;

Truly untouched by life

Artistry often flared with a strength

Creative energy bursts loosened the grip at times,

But then faded.

Now, one last time in the stretch of a dark night sky

The stars draw him again

Such depth in distance

Breadth of imagination in awe

The mysterious wonder of their presence

Simply beyond all human understanding,

Science but a feeble shroud of pride.

For a moment the heart quietly yearns

Longing to know wraps about

Even words as a whisper from within come from the mouth-

"Lord of Creation, reveal yourself to me!"

Eyes close

All is still

And then powerful new morning light begins to surge

Creative beauty begins to color the distant horizon

A new day is dawning

And hope is grasped for

With an artist on his knees;

He reaches out for a heavenly touch one last time

And is drawn to believe,

Almost as a small child once more,

He is drawn to believe.


            "No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him."

                       -Messiah Yeshua


       Peace, Gary Bertnick



We will learn to sing again

"In the land of our pilgrimage",

To always carry a noble song in our hearts

With many others, all beautiful melodies

Words that are the fragrance of Truth

In the aroma of our Lord,

The sublime beauty of the work we see

In all our lives

And in the unseen many of the nations,

Even Israel, the land of our destiny!

We sing in the Spirit

Flaming tongues of ancient languages

Worship pours forth in Spirit and Truth

Before our Glorious Father

Our Lord of Heaven and Earth

Sovereign Lord of the Third Heaven;

All music flows before our Lord who shows us His Father,

Messiah Yeshua, Savior and King

The Son, our salvation sent by God.

So much more to know

An eternity to begin to understand

To awaken fully to the greatness revealed,

So much higher, above the heavens

When Jerusalem rises higher than all mountains,

More than all cities of all the nations,

As Mount Zion of purest radiant glory!

The Earth will shake

The people bow and tremble

As jubilation in songs thunders

Angelic clouds of brightest stars about the New Earth,

Endless praise for  our King of the Jews

Israel's King of Eternity

Our Lord and our King!


            Peace, Gary Bertnick


Holiness radiates about

With the intimacy of Living Light,

Always in reverence before God

Quiet humility bows

The heart in stillness

The fear of the Lord like a hush within

As the Holy Spirit's fire burns

And zeal boils over

Zeal for the Truth,

Zeal for the honor of our Lord

Thoughts and Words of the most wise Shepherd,

In the greatest cost of redemption

Reflecting the ultimate value of a soul

The precious life of a single child

Even a man who is lost in despair

And a woman adrift on a sea

Tossed about by every wave,

In the confused midst of an endless ocean.

Holiness radiates Living Light from the Throne,

While in tearful prayer

Revelation streams down upon us

Flows from Heaven high above

Yet, the nearness of our High Priest

The loving closeness of our Sovereign King,

As near as His love is deep

Deeper than the oceans

Deeper than the mysteries of creation;

And as close as His love is high

Higher than the heavens above the Earth

And the Universe beyond imaginations,

The Third Heaven beyond even the Universe!

The purest Throne of God before whom we bow in worship and prayer

Pool of creation as crystal glass set off to the side of His Greatness

Pure pool of clear waters of His knowledge

Display infinity to those eyes

Those fire eyes of love and joy

Those fire eyes of justice in Truth,

The only eyes that shower love

Upon you, upon me.


            Peace, Gary Bertnick 


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Closer to You, Lord

Today more and more

Closer to You;

Father, draw me with your love

Nearer, closer to Your Son

Messiah, my Holy Shepherd

My "First Love" forever,

Oh, King of my life

Peace of my being from my youth

Creator of all essence of human purpose

Who sustains my will.

Give encouragement for the children

The orphan and the widow who wander alone,

All who know they are lost in this world;

Pluck them all from the fire

Ones even snare by spirits of lust

Every self-destructive perversion.

Cause me to shine brightly

In fearless, faithful acts

In word of mouth

Even things written in love

Gentle things, tender things

To touch a heart and mind in need;

Lord of my prayers

Keep me in step

Led by your Spirit

Equip and enable your servant

Lord Yeshua, as your humble disciple,

Keep me at your side

Steadfast in love

Faithful as You, to the end.  


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He became like us

So that we could become like Him,

Messiah from Heaven

Holiness of the Father purely shown

That we might see the Father in Him

As His love is poured out

In this world, through us

Just like Him;

We walk in faith

Holy Spirit within

In that boundless love of the Father,

Each step of elegant peace

Words of Truth a living stream from our mouths

Meant to be anointed the same,

His fearless love that compels us

Compassion continually flows out

Gift of His Spirit most radiant

Held out with a human touch,

Nothing to hold back

Everything to freely give;

To walk humbly, sensitive and pure

Always obedient to His Spirit Voice

Holy Words written deep within

As we live for His Father

To bear much fruit to honor Him

Constant prayers offered to our Father and our High Priest

Heaven's work our only true food and drink;

We walk just like He did in this world

Often alone, but never alone

As an outsider, not belonging to this world;

Zeal for His house

Israel, all true Jews,

Hope burns brightly

The Sword of the Spirit Truth flashes

As His blazing eyes follow us

Each step of our way, His way.


A delicate, vulnerable moment

An exciting, wonderful moment

As a new dimension to life is revealed,

The arms stretch wider

The legs reach farther

Footsteps become a little stronger

Rough ways a little smoother

Crooked ways a little straighter;

The countenance becomes brighter

Easier to smile

Easier to freely laugh.

One heart honestly answers another

Like reflections in a clear pond,

Sincerity opens within as flower petals 

Slowly, steadily in the new day's light.

The kiss of Truth comes upon a human life

A long kiss of lasting friendship

With a fresh blush of beauty;

In completely naked transparency before God

Bold and fearless, shameless openness to our Creator,

The first kiss always for our First Love.





Warriors of the Lord

Stand together in triumph

Life over death,

Love over hatred,

Good over evil;

All done as the sun slowly sets on Earth,

A victorious glow remains bright on their faces

Much as the radiant blaze of the sharp blades of their swords,

Sword of the Spirit comfortably in hand

Harder than diamond, sharp as Light

The Word of God peacefully rests within

As courage faces the bitter soup of war that thickens daily

A most awful brew

A crude and vulgar brew

Mix of darkened lies and lustful violence

Terrible blend of deceit and raw wickedness

Championed by the "Lawless One" 

Carried forth by numberless lawless ones,

Enemies of all the good

Enemies destined for eternal fire

A bed of torment made ready for each one of them

In their endless agony of defeat.

Soldiers of Messiah daily put on the "armor of Light"

Vast, invincible army

Men and women, soldiers clothed with power and authority

Who wield weapons of warfare before unseen, unknown

Unheard of deadly precision and force

Massive blows given to the enemy's head,

Death blows that sweep the battlefield clean.

A Captain of Captains leads them

Astride a muscular white horse snorting smoke and fire

Sounds of the hooves as Heaven's thunder

Greater than earthquakes, the entire world shakes

Every mountain brought low, islands moved

Every valley brought high;

Fearless armies of warriors trample the battlefields

More than locusts as Prophet Joel wrote

They charge ahead

Tear through all enemy defenses

Crush the evil

Push aside the wicked as mere waste

Gather the fragrant spoils of victory

With tears perfumed in continual prayer,

Return in joyful harvest

Clothed with the aroma of Christ

Carrying many arm fulls of "sheaves"

To set before their King of Truth and Justice,

Their Eternal King of Honor,

In the greatest acts of sacrificial love

And purest worship.




From Your hands, oh Lord

From Yours alone,

As Your children, we come to You

Hearts speak prayers

Mouths speak praise

True worship the fruit of our lives;

None can stand alone

But we return to You

Before Your Presence we bow

In joy of salvation

In honor of Your greatness

Our King and our Lord. 

Though we stumble, we return

Though we fall at times, in ways

We return

Our paths before You, Lord

Strewn with things of the world,

Tangled with people of the world,

Yet, we press on

Through the Gate, down the Narrow Road

Along the path You have set for each one;

We walk in love, we go in peace

Steadfast one step at a time

Like the ancient prophets

We always return to You

Daily our hope and joy,

Like Aaron and Moses and Samuel

We return to You

Our Lord and our Father.

As the foundation Apostles

And the many early disciples,

True Jews as well within our hearts

Who listen for Your Voice

Who know Your Word

Who know You,

Yes, we return to You.


            http://garybertnick.wordpress. com 


Pleasant sounds remind

Carried on a soothing breeze

As a simple beauty stirs a simple inner pleasure,

What can satisfy a moment adrift

Floating along in a timelessness

An empty place where you just scratch your head

And wonder out loud-

"What was I going to do?"

Then an innocent call sounds from a branch above in a nearby tree

As a bird calls out suddenly with melodic chirps,

It catches the ears

Holds still, keeps quiet another thought

And, like a needed deep breath

Calm settles within

Eyes brighten wider 

Maybe even a slight smile opens

And you are touched

Reminded that you are not alone in this big, confusing world

Like a small child that wanders

Or a mature adult stumbling along;

But there is goodness all about us

This surprising song of a small bird

The smile of an elderly lady clerk at the common store,

A fellow human waiting in line at the Post Office

Holding still with a personal beauty, though possibly unaware,

Just like you with hidden strength

To wait for another a taste of goodness

To watch always for little things that can happen

Sparkles in the grass

Sparkles in the air, in the clear night sky

Sparkles of life that confirm the heart's tug that renews-

It is good to be here,

It is good to be alive

Now and in this very place;

All to appreciate our own uniqueness in God's sight,

Our gracious Maker!


Each day is an adventure

Child-like enthusiasm refreshed

Daily excitement confirmed

In the journey home,

The spiritual walk of a new child

A boy or girl who grows into each sunrise

Confidence throughout

Satisfied smiles meet each and every sunset.

Whether freshly baked bread in hand

Or crumbs scattered on the ground,

Steadfast loving footsteps move forward

As ready encouragement always holds the hand,

While we press on to the majestic goal

Living Hope fills the heart,

Hope that only grows stronger along her own unique path

Colored by many scented flowers

Many trees as well for fruit

And others for comforting shade as a pause,

A rest needed to gather strength,

At times eyes close

And clear visions dance as dreams through the heart and mind

Dreams of beauty in richest fulfillment

Even as the Lord's Road grows more narrow,

Then, the Shepherd's staff can be seen

Healing oil anoints the spirit and soul

Holy oil upon the hands and feet,

All that you do and everywhere you go

Every person met, circumstances artfully woven into good tapestry;

The small Kingdom Gate from long ago

Has become a great pearl that glows in the distance

Gemstones in brilliance seen as foundations ahead.

She is never alone

Many out in front

Many more trail behind

All those called to follow

All those who chose the Shepherd's walk

A walk of true adventure

A walk of timeless love and peace

A walk of wisdom and knowledge

A walk of faith in the Spirit of Hope-

Another precious child led by the only One who is able

With power and authority

To bring this special daughter to her Eternal Home.


            Peace, Gary Bertnick


*"Aaron And Nathaniel, Two Stories For God's Children" available at Amazon.com



This day given

Placed in your hands

A gift by the hand of the Lord,

Today as the sun rises

Goodness showers down

Freely, abundantly upon your head;

All shadows flee

Darkness shrinks away,

Depression that lingers

Discouragement that weighs down

Disappointments mixed with distractions,

And every anxious thought

Melts and slinks away.

Another day to draw breath

To celebrate life fully

Watchful, alert and wide awake

All the wonders of being alive

Surrounded by things unseen

Angelic goodness

All in the Light of Heaven

And the watchful eyes of he Holy One

Eyes of blazing fire upon your every breath

Your every heart beat

Your every step in your body

Each desire of your soul

Every thought of the mind,

The spirit's secret knowledge at rest within;

All thoughts of the mind sorted out

Intuition weighed in the balance of Truth

Emotions filtered clean and clear;

Another precious one gets up from prayer

From feeding diligently on the Book of God's Honesty,

This man or this woman rises again to live,

To hold closely another day!


One day while at work I stood and watched in amazement

As slowly, high up in the sky

Slowly drifting to the North

The white brightness of the day trumpeting radiance,

In a surprise display of majesty

A large cloud in the classic shape of a Christmas angel

As seen on countless holiday cards-

The long robe, the wings, and even a halo effect,

The image was simply drifting along the peaceful Sedona heights,

Nearly above the tourist Chapel;

I stared, then wondered who else was seeing

Who might take a moment to notice and truly look to Heaven

To lift their eyes away from the tourist things

The many dramatic towering red rocks and rugged Arizona desert land.

Surely the presence of God can always be sensed

If revealed, if awakened in one person watchful, alert

The power of the Lord works in and through a human life

Mostly invisible

Mostly ignored by others;

So many seem caught up in empty gestures

Social media in an anxious gasp at reality

A stretch towards purpose

And meaning in self;

Yet fickle, so illusive

To feed an ego

Even at another's expense;

As the world turns 

The clouds always drift by

While the Lord of Hosts, King of all angels

Reaches out in compassion

To all who would take His hand.

I looked with wonder and thankfulness

After trying to get others to notice,

Then, watched the cloud break apart and fade away.


This very day

They step forward in love

Grown powerfully in integrity

Honesty a clean robe worn daily

Step by step, moment by moment

Inner knowledge of the Kingdom

Inner Spirit knowledge of the King.

The Faithful One who paid the price

Gave all He was and is for us

For His Father's honor;

The God who is love

God above all deception

Above the Universe, dwelling in the Third Heaven

Enthroned in Glory

"Above all things", in a song sung by a few

Understood fully by the few who bow in humility

Bodies and souls covered by wisdom in revelation.

We now walk the "Shepherd's walk"

Hand in hand

Brothers and sisters shoulder to shoulder

Young and old together as Kingdom children

Who see and hear

With ears to hear the Voice of the Holy Spirit

With eyes to see the High Priest at our side,

Always at His Father's side;

"Truth in time a ready kiss on the lips",

Greater friendship

Greater honor brought before the Majestic Throne

As our constant act of sacrifice

Our bodies of beauty and strength as vessels of Truth,

Holiness openly shown to the world.


***In prayer on January 31, 2017, remembering the Lord's Word to Elijah about 

the 7000 kept for Himself in the midst of confusion and darkness.

Hearts warmed and turned to Light often quietly,

Yet harvested in joyful victory

Fruitful in praise-filled triumph

In the "City of Truth" and beyond

The power of love radiates

From the Mountain of God,

Temple Mount center of justice and lovingkindness

Home of the King's Throne

Resting place for a soon coming millennium,

Resting place for eternity!

One day at a time

The friends of the Harvester

Sow good seeds

Water many others,

"Go forth in tears",

Return with armfuls

All in  the same day as one sows and another reaps

From the prayerful efforts of the Church

Body of Messiah.

Yes, the vines hang heavy

Tree branches bow with fruit

Abundant gifts from above

Work of the Father who draws them near

Work of the Sovereign Son who raises up new life.

Kingdom children as willing vessels of the Spirit

Shine brightly across the land, from sea to sea

Even as the sun rises into a new day

Another good day in Israel's salvation

Remnant Jews, remnant of Jacob

Twelve hundred forty-seven less waiting on the vine!



Again, another morning

And in the shower I go

Naked to the world

Yet, clothed always with Messiah;

The waters "stream pleasant"

Restful, peaceful, warm and soothing,

Then, the slippery soap bar squirts loose!

He bends down over and over

Tries to grab again and again

And again until finally the soap stays in hand!

Another subtle reminder with a divine chuckle,

We are clothed only with Christ

His cleansing waters daily revive

Refresh as it washes away human frailty,

A man's common vulnerabilities

A woman's common distractions and weaknesses;

Living water from within

And "steadfast love that covers all transgressions"

As "objects of mercy"

In a daily discipline to bow before His Majestic Presence

Often in repentance,

To humbly eat the Daily Bread

Feeding our soul and spirit with lasting nourishment

With understanding made always vibrant;

The One who truly washes and cleanses us

"The washing of rebirth and renewal",

And keeps us so clear and clean

He always will as our days string into eternity;

From Heavenly showers 

Come blessings of life

Riches of goodness

With a clean heart and soul

With renewed zeal and "spiritual fervor" for this new day.


            Peace, Gary Bertnick

Wall of Fire

The Shepherd's power woven within authority

In the pure flame of Divine zeal

Holy fire of the God of Love;

Nothing is hidden from the sight of the Lord

Every thought, every action

All details of infinity seen and remembered,

Then, in foreknowledge, Justice stands to consume

Thunderous winds roar about the Throne

As coals of fire are flung by angels to the Earth,

Mountains melt

The entire Earth shakes

Every creature trembles!

God stands in judgement

The King who came once in the humility of Peace

Carries a sharp sword now as Judge.

Most powerful Words spoken

Echo forever throughout the Universe

They enclose His sheep

Protect His own with arms outstretched

These ones now rest in eternity beyond any threat

Even in our bodies enclosed behind

And in front

Hand of the Lord gently upon our spirits.

The enemy often comes near to us

But only sees "the lake of fire" that waits for him

And for all his many slaves like-minded!

More than a wall of fire,

The fire in Messiah's eyes

The fire in Yeshua's Words

The fire in zeal for His own He loves;

The fire in His gaze devours His enemies

Then settles calmly upon His Kingdom children,

Eyes of blazing fire.


If surface beauty enthralls

What of the beauty that moves out from the soul

Refreshes life about

Rises up and outwards from the spirit

Offers richness to the world;

If what can overwhelm, engulf the senses with appearance,

What of the true splendor of royal majesty

The King of Creation in His beauty revealed?

Our eyes can capture images of mountains

Fields of California wildflowers near Yosemite,

Streams of water that become rivers

Displaying waterfalls of greatness

That finally rush into the oceans of delight

Bodies of water with waves that calm and wash the shorelines of nations.

Evil stands and looks out from the same to destroy,

Good bows in gratitude to God for showering such beauty;

Truth always seen in lasting beauty

Beauty seen always in the Spirit of Eternal Truth.

The beauty of a new child

The beauty of a flower blossom

The wonder of a woman's beauty,

Glowing eyes of enlightenment

Even an elderly woman resting in confidence

Or the radiant eyes of spirit rebirth 

In a beautiful young woman who walks in Yeshua's Peace,

Fearless in Divine Wisdom

Strength in complete freedom. 


   Peace, Gary Bertnick