After all is gone

With nothing, no one left,

The eyes just water

As I sit and stare

With every difficult breath;

This heart is broken

This heart is beyond sadness,

Much good was trampled in the streets,

A once great city, a beautiful house

A home empty and ruined.

Sweet fellowship of family, of Church cut off

Those so loved now lost in a violent storm;

But His true love remains

Peace still rains down from above

Soaks deep within the heart and soul,

This cold heart is warmed again

Such memories, good thoughts renew

Seem very much alive;

The Lord is the same

"Yesterday, today and forever",

The Shepherd remains very close

From the beginning to the end

My all in all,

Through all loss, all gains

Everything thought once valued, taken away;

But always Messiah's love remains,

I will stand strong till the end!



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   *Personal note- As you have time, revisit this series- 1 through 10.


 Again hearts turn more towards the "Light of the World"

Truth of being, Rock Solid

Only lasting Way of existence

The Path that works

As personal needs overwhelm

Daily work of the Lord within and without.

The Door of kindness remains open

To bathe the soul in purity

To drink the clear, clean waters of Truth

Just as the "woman at the well"

When compassion from Heaven was fully made known

The personal revelation of a Savior

Worship of One who always cares

Powerful in love and authority

He who touches with absolute healing.

Draw ever closer my friends

Grow stronger in the Lord,

Now, even closer dear brother

Even closer each day dear sister,

For "the Name of the Lord is a strong tower"

Our only refuge during these coming life storms!




      BLUE  THE  SKY

Blue the sky and red the rose

Green the grass in a perfect meadow

Bright the days of a man triumphant

White covers the sins of a new born heart

Great the mercy of One who cares

Clear they eyes of the "Blood bought" son

Wise the heart of the woman who draws near

New the birth of a soul redeemed

Strong the stature of those so loved

Humble the Lord who bought His own

Confident the flock that now stands true

Delightful the pleasure of being His sheep

Free the gladness of one in that flock

Absolute control, the hands of the Creator

Sovereign the touch of the Maker

Complete the creation from smallest to the largest,

Closest to farthest, seen and unseen.

Eternal the future of the children of the King

Forever the Love that always surrounds,

Eternal the fire, a tragic, simple fact for all the lost.

Still and quiet the waters below this blue sky

Calm the waves on each and every distant shore.



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With one child sleeping and two children mellow

These words openly express a sharing,

In a simple, pleasant way

Captures a moment that has gathered into a bundle of peace,

A truly calming gift to celebrate in thankfulness,

Happily it touches my heart and relieves bits of stress and strain

That tried to pick away at a newly growing strength of faith

And the confident assurance that surrounds us here

Abounding in the heavenly love that shines as the Source of it all,

And the trust in the grace that has carried our lives this far;

It blends love hopefully throughout each day

As I comfortably feel the Presence of the Holy One

Often in the exchanges of things we seldom take time enough to notice,

In the honest awareness of what we should all expect

From the open arms, acceptance from Messiah

And in the joy to be tasted freely in the new humble capacity for His Truth!

Now, two children sleep,

The wood fire begins to fade 

And one mellows just a little bit more

In the softening of a heart to the surprise spiritual gifts,

Of what living simply in Humboldt County in the  early 1980's

And quiet honesty in the Lord's eternal Presence

Can really mean. 



            https://garybertnick.wordpress .com  



       *Personal note- We are at the very beginning of the "70th week" written about by the ancient prophet Daniel.   The show being put on by our USA government and intelligence people and media folks is about one thing- distraction and confusion.   It is cover to keep the public eyes off what is really going on which is the ruining of our economy and the  weakening of our national security    through internal divisions.  As we try to continue to divide the land of Israel and deny the role of Jerusalem, these things will accelerate.     Prayerfully seek refuge in God alone.  Be where you're supposed to be.  Be with those you're supposed to be with.  Do what you're supposed to be doing in God's Kingdom today.  Understand what it means to be "led by the Holy Spirit".


A. The Name that dances in the heavens

     The Name that walks the earth

     The One who moves the stars about

     The One who shades the sun

     The Voice of love moves in the wind

     This Voice now lives deep within.


     So I say-

     My heart cries out

     My mouth sings free

     Such joy I have within

     My lungs cry out

     My tongue sings free

     Such joy I have just comes out!

B. Worship Him in the morning time

     Praise Him all of the day

     With love He brings another heart

     Rebirth so that we sing

     Happiness surrounds all my life

     The peace now settled within.

C. Our hearts dance everywhere

     Gladness with each new face

     To touch with love and hold in peace

     A precious heart and soul

     New life comes down from high above

     A new life to live today.





The persecuted ones in a lifting, powerful anthem,

Their lives shine more brightly

As Holy Water poured out freely

Abundantly upon a massive, ancient altar Rock

Place of sacrificial love, place of lasting honor;

Each name as a banner held up high

Beautiful names written in silver and gold

Stars as jewels by each name pulse with vibrant life

Winds of the Spirit catch each banner like a gust on a sail

The sky ships carry the names very high indeed,

Even many souls from unknown places on Earth-

Villages and farmlands easily forgotten,

Jungles and grasslands from far off nations

Mountains and deserts rarely seen,

Tiny corners of huge sprawling cities

Even those where Satan lives and rules,

Where darkness pretends to reign as light.

Wickedness covers itself with religious robes

Tramples the gentle ones as "Nicolaitans" did,

They crush the tender and the willing

Even as seeds forced into the hard ground

Stiff boots that kick and spit upon and worse.

But a new creation, a new world rests within each one

Good "Seed of Promise" within the body just sown,

Heavenly hands worked the difficult soil

Scraped and tilled the ground

They water the precious seed;

A fresh breath of Holy Fire upon them all

"Love stronger than death", a holy angelic chant!

Eventually songs of worship rise from the earth

Meet the countless angels high above

Together in a chorus, a dance in eternal celebration

Together in life that is True Life.

Loud thunder roars as a river that moves deeply through the earth

Leaps and rushes from broad valleys, then out above highest mountains

Up into the very heavens,

High above heaven and earth.

The moments of persecution forgotten

Suffering and all painful thoughts removed

As the Hand of Eternity wipes away every trace of every sorrowful tear,

Every trace of every priceless drop of human blood shed,

For they remained faithful

"Even to the point of death." 



            https://garybertnick.wordpress .com 

 TODAY- Our Shepherd's Trust

A. Today I walk with You

     Love the whole day through

     You hold my hand 

     I understand

     Today I walk with You.

B. Today I talk with You

     Joy the whole day through

     You hold my hand

     I understand

     Today I talk with You.

C. Today I rest in You

     Peace the whole day through

     You hold my hand

     I understand

     Today I rest in You.

D. Today I hope in You

     Trust the whole day through

     You hold my hand 

     I understand

     Today I hope in You.





Reply Reply to All Forward


A peaceful wind blowing this day

Carries songs of rest and trust

Kingdom melodies

Most simple, most pure, most alive

New strength to lift a heart

Courage to carry along a difficult path

All tears met with comfort

Stress melted away by a loving touch

Divine, holy love in the most tender, secret place

Secret temple within the unseen spirit

Place of timelessness within a soul

Domain of creation by the Creator,

Mystery that only true revelation unfolds.

He stands at the shoreline of time

Prayers as sweet incense, light wind across the waters,

Gentle waves lap the clean white sand of eternity

Rhythm of a lasting moment of ecstatic beauty

Deepest and most beautiful drink of unending calm

Quiet and rest even as clouds boil in the distance;

Destructive race of mankind,

A whirlwind soon upon us all.

The sheltering Spirit of Messiah

Yeshua's covering peace we know

The Living Peace we trust

The confidence of assuring peace that carries His own

As strong arms full of small children

Our safety on a dark stormy night.


          Peace, Gary Bertnick



         Prayers going up the mountain

         Praise coming down

         Prayers going up the mountain

         Praise coming down!

                 (Repeat seven times)


                    Main with lower notes, faster rhythm as in a "march",

                   more methodically done;



             I/we worship You

             I/we worship You, Lord

             I/we worship You

             I/we worship You, our Lord!

                   (Echo Main seven times plus)


                      Chorus with higher notes, slower and melodic flow,



       *The mountains of perseverance and endurance that lead to

Mount Zion of our Lord Messiah.


A Voice resounds throughout the Earth-

"Come out of her my people!"

And the very Universe trembles

All that was made

By the will and hands of  our Creator.

One step out of the world

Then another step in growing freedom

The heart becomes more enlightened

As the Breath of God continues to reveal,

An enlightened mind looks with amazement

What was, what thought embraced in confidence

Entwined within the soul,

Unravels and falls to the ground;

They turn more toward heavenly good and purity,

They simply walk away into the arms of complete freedom; 

A shelter provided

Every true need, every care possible provided,

Even as remnant Israel

Temple of the Lord

Radiant with grace and power

Brilliance of Majestic Living Light,

With all the love experienced, once thought not possible.



            https://garybertnick.wordpress .com 



To begin to look at His Greatness

While the Kingdom of Light waits

Kindness and complete understanding

The King of Light very patient

Even as the sea churns

And dark clouds boil up over the lands

Police and soldiers of the nations to drop like flies in piles all about,

The tragic waste of another generation;

Rotten fruit of the arrogant pride of the wealthy few

Egos and wills a mixture of self and Lucifer and control.

America plays her role zealously

Pawns moved here, pawns moved there

Diabolical plans from long ago

Unfolded now before the many numb and reckless and selfish.

Voices of justice in reason as thorns

Voices of Divine Truth as threats to be feared and silenced

Unbearable proof of the head of their snaked crushed,

Powers of darkness destroyed.

The Earth, America with many camps and guillotines poised and ready

All the most brutal trappings of fascist strength

Deception, gathering methods, lying propaganda

"Fake news", stock market fraud but a balloon of numbers;

Corrupt men, corrupt women,

Insatiable lust for blood in the minds, in these dark hearts

Found on the hands of many willing foot soldiers snared.

God's chosen ones are separated to life

His saints, "His majestic ones in whom He delights",

All others cast headlong into darkness and eventual fire

Worse than their satanic imaginations can grasp.



            https://garybertnick.wordpress .com 


LOVE- 1/5

In stillness a heart listens

A divine hush in the Holy Presence

Quiet prayers,reverent worship

A quiet beauty set apart from the world,

Just as within the secret place of the mother's womb

A tiny child waits for the hand of love

While the newest of many miracle children is formed

Delight from God

Delight given from God

Gift for a woman, calling for a man,

Birthed into our troubled world

The spirit of life indwells

Transparent joy embraces such a wonder

A parent's hand reaches down to touch

But a little hand reaches up first to take hold of a finger

As love touches love

The naked innocence of creation on majestic display

When truth shines brightly in clearest honesty

The God who is Love

Gives generously, impartially to all,

To all who are willing, to all who love Him

In the gracious Law of Abundance

To all who seek His gifts of the many facets of jeweled life

Who reach out to seek and find,

A bounty far beyond human dreams

And earthly imaginations

Kindness and great gentleness proclaimed

From the very hands that reached down first

In humility from the Third Heaven

Throne of all destiny past the boundaries of the Universe,

Portrayed with the Splendor of the Holy Son

Worshiped by countless angels,

Before the stars, before the world began.





A young man walks through the open door

Through the Gate of revelation holding His hand

The Shepherd's hand of trust

Hand of confident peace

Hand of my Lord of Life.

The unknown lies before me

Each detail of each step

Yet, no mystery

No hint of fear or anxiety.

The scorched landscape of the world seen

Its barren desert waste

Once noble cities and towns in human ruin,

Once soaring as a mighty eagle

Greatness of wealth and power,

Arrogant nation ruined and left naked

Defenseless from every predator and scavenger

Every wild animal of the earth,

Eaten from within by parasites of men

Self-consuming, lustful mobs

Who feed on the corpse of what could have been;

Lying politicians scheme for more

Corporate beasts feed only themselves

Their shadows darkened more by false shepherds

Pretend prophets

Religious deceivers, the worst of mankind

Who use holy names and holy words

To curse themselves and those who listen.

The Spirit Door of Truth stands always near

Hand of freedom meant for all, found by few

Messiah's arms of love reach out

But soon to close in the face of unbelieving man and woman alike,

Stubborn and prideful rebels, rotten as their nation,

To the very core of their existence.





Did you ever wake up from a satisfying slumber

To find yourself still delightfully gliding

Pleasantly along the mellow trails of a lingering rainbow,

The one that usually trickles like a brooklet throughout your dreams,

Blends of textures of fulfilling whims, longings

Or even unconscious rivulets of good pleasures;

It hovers like an imaginative tapestry of fanciful events

All revolving about the "new" and the "now"',

Poetically to raise the nocturnal curtain

To accept the newest glowing day

Simply to share this lighthearted wealth emerging into spectral bands of joy. 

It stretches across, looms above these horizons of reason

That envelop our honest searches,

As witness to how reality is in essence fruitfully shown to abound,

Many pictures of charismatic traits of people touched by heavenly grace!

A glorious favor given, designed to reflect the eternal Light

Earthly vessels radiant for all to see

So that they too might simply believe in Him,

Begin to walk the path towards actual perfection so practically grown,

In good seeds sown, shown by those shining love out into the darkened world,

A place and time filled to overflowing with those hungry for truth

Yet, so bent on consuming, destructive self-reliance,

Faith barely in themselves

Surface trust in comforts so earnestly gathered

While Divine Mercy patiently waits.






With pure fire in their eyes

New songs of praise thunder

Jubilation within, a joy that cannot be contained

Hearts more alive than can be imagined

For they all have seen a glimpse

More than a fading countenance

Or a trailing glory;

His consuming Majesty

His Spirit of revelation wonder

And even more

Have brought us together with one voice

One heart of love and peace.

Zeal for modern Israel

And Abraham our "father of faith"

Fervor for remnant Jacob

Heart cries for final justice

For righteous judgment as written

Even those from "beneath the Throne".

Separated from this world

We are hated just like Him,

The true Church, living Body of Messiah

Now safely beneath one tent, a single golden temple of worship,

Brilliance folded within brilliance

"Enclosed behind and in front"

Protected eternally, surrounded by pillars of the Spirit's fire

Gates of praise with angelic power displayed,

Walls of salvation

The consuming Presence of our Lord!





Drawn into the arms of true love,

As one who wandered, who often stumbled

Who drifted at times with earthly winds

Blown about here and there

Year after year after year;

Insignificant, lost, superficial and alone.

The will to live, inner sense of eternity nearly gone

Yet, the hand of tenderness reached out

A touch of mercy came from beyond the Universe

Beyond the natural, a great gentleness revealed

Kindness from a place far outside this world

Intimate caring from the Throne of all power

Real authority given creative expression in another human life;

Another object of mercy stands free

Suddenly caught up in comforting revelation

Our God who cares, who makes Himself known

Peace and always, always more.

Yeshua who shows us the Father of Glory

Gives life and hope and purpose;

Meaning covers in eternal Spirit rest;

Eyes that can see in and through

Timeless eyes that wept in compassion

Over a friend Lazarus and those who mourned in unbelief

Eyes of purest love that compels

The Light of those eyes of beauty

Draw us near,

His flock, drawn together as one!


        Peace, Gary Bertnick


Center of the World

Land of all destiny

Chosen from before creation

Home of spiritual revelation

Throne of the King

Place of covenant peace.

One day the Lord will walk down the hill

Mount of Olives covered with strides of Glory

Multitudes line the path with purest worship

A celebration without end

Triumph of our God of Truth

Majestic fruit of our God of Love.

A thousand years of wonder upon this Earth

As continual jubilation

In anticipation of the New Jerusalem to descend;

His chosen place of triumph

Good over evil

Truth over Satan's lies

Light over darkness

Human rebirth over hopeless slavery

Splendor over emptiness

Hope fulfilled over any hint of despair

Eternal life over nothingness!

I will be there to bow before the Ancient of Days,

King of all Jews;

How about you?


A child wanders along a school playground

He seeks friends

Wants to laugh and play

He wants to have fun like others

Yet, he wanders alone

As if lost

Yearning from deep within

Longing for something,

For someone

Then, he stumbles once more,

And gets up again

Continues to search

Though he's not sure for what;

Tears have long ago dried up

Given up, then tried again and again.

Suddenly one day a little bird hops along the ground nearby

With a hurt wing

He picks up the sparrow and puts it carefully away

Safely in a small tree on a hidden branch.

Then a tear returns, runs down his face

And he remembers some words he once heard,

A stranger talked loudly by a store downtown

About "rising up again"

And someone who died a long time ago

Someone special and something about a "Cross" somewhere,

A good man who came back to life

Who is alive even today

To help us, to love us

A friend forever

Who cares when no one else does;

Some grownups laughed as they walked by,

But he listened and remembered.

So, he sat down in a corner of the school playground

As some other kids ran around in groups,

He began to talk out loud up to the sky

And even cry for this Lord

To somehow be alive to him, too

A real friend forever;

Then, it happened

Like an angel, but more

Who took him in His arms

Held him close as He spoke

"Forever my son

Yes, forever and ever."

Even more tender words followed that have never left him

As he grew up and later became an old man.


          Peace, Gary Bertnick


*The new book- "Aaron and Nathaniel, Two Stories for God's Children"

          available on

He stands on the brink of eternity

Another long night passing

Intellect swirled about and only brought fatigue,

Older and still alone, numbness of will a veil;

Truly untouched by life

Artistry often flared with a strength

Creative energy bursts loosened the grip at times,

But then faded.

Now, one last time in the stretch of a dark night sky

The stars draw him again

Such depth in distance

Breadth of imagination in awe

The mysterious wonder of their presence

Simply beyond all human understanding,

Science but a feeble shroud of pride.

For a moment the heart quietly yearns

Longing to know wraps about

Even words as a whisper from within come from the mouth-

"Lord of Creation, reveal yourself to me!"

Eyes close

All is still

And then powerful new morning light begins to surge

Creative beauty begins to color the distant horizon

A new day is dawning

And hope is grasped for

With an artist on his knees;

He reaches out for a heavenly touch one last time

And is drawn to believe,

Almost as a small child once more,

He is drawn to believe.


            "No one can come to me unless the Father who sent me draws him."

                       -Messiah Yeshua


       Peace, Gary Bertnick



We will learn to sing again

"In the land of our pilgrimage",

To always carry a noble song in our hearts

With many others, all beautiful melodies

Words that are the fragrance of Truth

In the aroma of our Lord,

The sublime beauty of the work we see

In all our lives

And in the unseen many of the nations,

Even Israel, the land of our destiny!

We sing in the Spirit

Flaming tongues of ancient languages

Worship pours forth in Spirit and Truth

Before our Glorious Father

Our Lord of Heaven and Earth

Sovereign Lord of the Third Heaven;

All music flows before our Lord who shows us His Father,

Messiah Yeshua, Savior and King

The Son, our salvation sent by God.

So much more to know

An eternity to begin to understand

To awaken fully to the greatness revealed,

So much higher, above the heavens

When Jerusalem rises higher than all mountains,

More than all cities of all the nations,

As Mount Zion of purest radiant glory!

The Earth will shake

The people bow and tremble

As jubilation in songs thunders

Angelic clouds of brightest stars about the New Earth,

Endless praise for  our King of the Jews

Israel's King of Eternity

Our Lord and our King!


            Peace, Gary Bertnick