June 17, 2014

This morning I have so much to be grateful for in my life. I am grateful that I am surrounded by so many people who love me unconditionally and see in me qualities and gifts I do not always see in myself. I am grateful for all the birthday wishes which truly touched my heart. I am grateful for the little things that come from people's hearts, like the raspberries (which are now gone), blueberries, and strawberries which Laura and Woody gave me, the handmade card from Sam,  the vocal duo of Kerry, Max, and Bruce, the heartfelt blessings from friends and family, and the gift from the heart from my wife and soulmate Zoe.  I am grateful for friends like Heather and Katharine who never fail to remind me why we are in each other's lives. Just one of those days when I remember what it is like to feel one's cup truly overflowing. I am grateful to just be alive one more day.