Playing hide and seek

Recently, I read this quote from a book by Ray Dodd called The Power of Belief.  In it he wrote, “Belief colors every experience and determines how we react in any situation, yet we are often unaware of the hidden beliefs that guide us.”  Being mindful of these hidden beliefs is like playing hide and seek.  The beliefs, which guide our life, have already hidden themselves.  It is our job to seek them out, expose them, and then decide what purpose they play in our lives if any.

So often, we are not mindful of these hidden beliefs.  We may be aware of some of the beliefs that guide our lives, but not all of them.  We have been using some of them for so long that we have forgotten to examine them and their role in our lives.  Are they supporting or limiting our lives.  Are they things we believe because others told us to believe them or are they beliefs that have come from within us or through us from our relationship with the Infinite.

Seeking out these beliefs creates a doorway to a deeper understanding with ourselves.  It is a constant process of discerning who we are, who we are becoming, and what knowledge is guiding us in our journey.  As we listen to our inner thoughts, observe our behaviors, be mindful of the intent behind what we do and say, we begin to expose the beliefs that are hidden in the recesses of our spirit.

For example, do you ever hear yourself lying to yourself?  Most people lie to themselves more often then they would like to admit.  I can remember a time when I was asked to fast and pray for 10 days.  I remember saying, “I will pray about that.” in the back of my head, I was thinking “are you serious – not eat for 10 days.” I knew that if I did that, I would be dead, passed out somewhere, weak, feeble, incapable of doing anything.  I knew that somebody would be in the planning stages for my funeral and if I somehow lasted the 10 days, I would be hitting the all you could eat bar afterwards.

What I came to realize was just the opposite.  I had someone come to believe that all these things would happen to me if.  I was making a decision based on what I thought I knew, not what I knew. These hidden beliefs were guiding my life in a way that limited me.  After having an argument with the Infinite, I did take that time to fast and pray. What was interesting was that none of what I thought was going to happen to me did.  Rather, I found myself with more energy then I normally had.  I had a greater clarity about what I was to do next in my life. I had more time to do what was important in my life because I was not focused on what I should be cooking for others or myself.

What do you believe? What is secretly guiding your life? Are you ready to seek them out and expose these hidden beliefs? It is time for us to open new doors, which will lead us to a deeper understanding of ourselves.