A Recipe for Self Love and Growth

It was a quiet Sunday morning. As usual, I arose, prepared the space and myself for our weekly Love and Inspiration gathering. I looked for the music I felt called to play to quiet people’s spirits and bring us into a space of reflection and sharing. I prayed about what reading to share and found myself drawn to one particular piece. It was different then what we normally read and discuss, but I knew it was what I was supposed to read. As we gathered, there was, as usual, a moment of informal chatting with each other. The conversations all seemed to center around food and recipes and as I listened to where people were at, I realized the reading I had been drawn to was perfect for what people were discussing. At the request of those gathered yesterday, I am sharing this recipe with all. I encourage you to gather the ingredients, follow the directions carefully and live this each day of your lives. It comes from a book by Iyanla Van Zant called Until Today.

Here is a recipe for living and loving that will yield satisfaction and success.

1 mindful of positive vision

1 moment of openness

1 second of willingness

2 drops of readiness

1 dash of love

Mix the ingredients above with trust and faith. Roll the mixtures into a bowl of clear intention. Knead the ball into a thin layer of belief. Smooth out any lumps and cover all holes with prayer. Gently place the layer of expected intent in a dish of great expectation.

Preheat your mind with warm loving thoughts about yourself. Allow the layer of belief to rise in words of praise and thanksgiving. Patiently wait for the intention and expectation to be divinely fulfilled.

Until today, you may have experienced many failed or fallen dreams. Just for today, try a new recipe for loving yourself into a new vision for yourself and for your life. Be devoted to focusing your energy and time on just one thing.

So today, start with a positive vision. Know if you can see it, then you can achieve it. Be open to the possibilities. Be willing to step forward in faith. Be ready for what the Creator has in store for you. Be willing to love yourself enough to be patient, gentle, and kind with yourself as you prepare this recipe each day.