Can we talk?

Sometimes it can be a scary thing when we listen to the things we say to ourselves, never mind each other. When we consciously listen to what we are saying to ourselves, we can catch ourselves slipping into a state of negativity. A space when we begin to lie to ourselves. When we hear someone we love start to say negative and self-deprecating things about themselves, we might jump in and help them to look at the space they are in that is enabling them to speak this way about themselves. However, who does it for us, especially when those thoughts are not coming out of our mouths, but just floating around in the back of our head.

As the producer of our story, it is at those moments, we need to get in touch with our inner screenwriter and say, “Can we talk?” The lines you are writing for me are not working. They are not going to help me evolve or grow. They are not about helping me experience the light of truth, so rewrite them.

Sometimes we forget that we are the authors of our own screenplay. In our screenplay, we are responsible for every thought and action and the intent behind them. We have the power to move ourselves from a state of negativity to a space of love, light, and positive energy. How we talk about others in our screenplay is also about us. While they may be supporting characters in our screenplay, they are there for a purpose and a reason, just as we play supporting characters in their screenplays. We write them into our stories in the same way they write us into theirs.

Sometimes when I hear how others have scripted me, it is different then how I script myself. It is in those moments I have to remind myself this is about them; it is their story, not mine. They can write it how they want. I on the other hand am going to focus on my story and being intentional about it being a declaration of my truth about who and what I am at this moment in time.

Keeping those negatives voices out of one’s internal script is not always easy. It takes practice. However, as with any craft or discipline, mastery comes through discipline, intent, and practice. So just for today, be intentional about saying to your internal screenwriter, “Can we talk?” anytime negative or self-deprecating lines appear in your script. Edit them out and replace them with thoughts, which propel you into the light.