It's Movie Time!

Martin Scorcese once said, “I can see great similarities between a church and a movie-house. Both are places for people to come together and share a common experience.”

While this space is neither a church or a movie house, each month, we will be watching a film with some surprising – even unlikely – cinematic choices. Then we will discuss the spiritual messages and lessons that we can take from the story and the characters as we enhance our understanding ofwho we are and how we are in the world.

The 1st Sundaywe will gather at 2:30 pm to view the film and discuss the spiritual lessons. Feel free to bring BYOB. Popcorn will be provided. Love offerings accepted


  • September-- God and Buddha: A Dialogue -- A dialogue between Deepak Chopra and Robert Thurman on notions of human suffering, consciousness, reality, and God as appear in Buddhism and the Hindu philosophy of Vedanta.
  • November -- Whale Rider -- The Whangara people believe their ancestor Paikea was saved from drowning by riding home on the back of a whale. The tribal group has since granted leadership positions to the first-born males, believing them to be descendants of Paikea. But then a young mother dies in childbirth along with her newborn male son. His twin sister survives and the little girl, Pai, is brought up by her grandparents. Learning the skills of chiefdom from her uncle, Pai shows that she possess a natural leadership ability.