What ever happens to the broken shoe laces?
The burned split pea soups
And the names to match faces?
What happened to all those calls late at night?
Was it an old friend who was lonesome,
Whose head wasn't right?
What ever happened to that shirt that you'd worn smoothe
That belonged to your dad who loaned it to you?
What ever happened to the love that you lost
Because you couldn't speak Vows of trust for the cost.
What ever happened to the knock on the door whose trouble came brewing In the night once before?
The unknown thoughts calling as
You're falling down asleep
The reminders in dreaming
The keening voiced deep
Hold on to the memories
Before they happen to sway
The breath of the body
Gone pulling away
And what ever happened
To the words left unspoken?
Say you're sorry, speak your love, tell your story ,
The books still open

Comes the season

It's a hard wind that blows 
Through the heart through the hair
Through the cloak over clothes
Over thoughts hanging there. 
Touched your cheek spoke your name
It did echo in the dust
Of the breeze just the same
Bending branch broken trust
Let it blow on Hawks wing
Flowing high swirling there
A memory for these few kings
A roses petals sweet tended care
A fluttered catch of sparrows call
A lingering depth of rains that fall
It's a sure wind that blows
Just the same
Just the same

Comes the season

I Heard

A mug of coffee to coin the morn
To clear the dust
Let day be born
The thoughts wash in like battle ships
The seasons long
Let's deal with it
A quiet voice then comes to me
Into my ear
It's fine you'll see
Blew in with it the peace in being
The scent of earth
A rush of feeling
A basic trust known long ago
Before the world 
Had changed me so
It's best to live here for the love
To know your heart
To rise above
The chains of time that weigh you down
Will fall away
Down to the ground
All you need is to believe
Hold tight the truth
And let it be

I am

For now I have to be
Just only what is me. 
No title by my name
But I live just the same. 
I am not the sick
But I have to live with it. 
It strains to ask for help
Need to do for myself.
To reach for what I have
Clean through I need to grab. 
The things that weigh on me
That never set me free
And kill them with the plan
I shall do what I CAN
I differ from my past
But I need to hold on fast
To the strength that's deep within
And by god I will win.

Moons Shine

She screams
She comes to me
As in a dream
She calls
She cries 
She screams 
Night falls
Softly now
Nary a sound 
As I walk the paths
Known ever well
She calls
I feel her deep
The muted glow
To show the way
As I wander near
All worries sleep 
She cries
Within my soul
I know her touch
The memory 
Of her arms 
Reach for me
Swallow me whole 
She screams
I search the depths
Of of shadows deep
I call
Ever near to answer
Eyes open wide to see
Hold my breath
She calls

Just Easy

I don't have to stand on someone's head to see
It's just you that's being you
And it's me happily me
We've roamed this land a spell
A piece that we did dwell
Not ever never needing it to be.
And so it shall remain
Just quietly the same
The old men ate a box of time
They washed it down with red sunshine.
And yet another morning they did see

Keep Moving

Check what you you think at the door
You know that you've been here before
You have to move on
You have to be strong
This vision you cannot ignore
To break from what's known
To see what has grown
Beneath the sleeping earth
You need to tend first
This feeling that cuts to the bone
All that's passed wash away
Clear the trash so to say
The dawn of a very new season
Tender growth a budding of reason
Oh my soul come what may
Raise your voice and be heard
It's your own spoken word
That opens that door
Where you've not been before
Come what may


Perchance did you see the sun go by
Or the wind blowing life to green ?
It whispers to me with a heavy sigh
Of the lifting note it brings.
The earth melts a layer of whiteness down
The sky reflects the blue eyes of sea
On flapping wings the birds find song
The starting of spring to be .