Week 1, Day 7 – Rewarding Yourself – Gift in Public Places

Ok, so today we were supposed to go someplace in public and find some sort of sculpture, and she used this term in the broadest of senses as it included everything from your traditional sculpture like you might find in a park or museum to a sewer cover.  We were then to reflect on the following:

  • How does the subject of the sculpture, what its made of, and where its placed reflect your spiritual development? What does your wise voice say?  what can you learn from what you wrote?

Well, while I would have loved to have done this as requested, that was not possible for a few reasons.  one not being able to drive I would have had to have made my liftline reservations three days ago to do this today.  Second, is that the roads and sidewalks are still covered with snow and my wheelchair does not do so well as an all terrain vehicle L.  Third, it is cold outside.  so I decided to reward myself today by staying in the warmth of my home, holding a hot cup of coffee in my hands periodically and thinking about this statue that I have sitting on my living room table.  I was about to say I am not even sure where I got it, but then I remembered that I did.  I got it five years ago when zoe and I were shopping for furniture at Value City Furniture.  There was something about this sculpture that I just loved.

It it this sculpture of two genderless beings sitting back to back and while most of the time they sit still with their backs against each other, the base is curved slightly, so it can rock back and forth.  It is primarily made of stone and sits on the coffee table in my living room.  the bodies are two different shades of browns, one lighter then the other and the heads are silver.  What I have always loved about this statue is the sense of harmony and balance in the sculpture.  It reminded me of this trust exercise where you sit back to back with someone and then walk your way to a standing position.  You have to work together in order for you to both stand.  It is a partnership.  It is not about I am better then you and I am going to lift you or you are better then me and I am going to lift you, but we are going to work together and lift each other up.

As I started walking around our house, as if it were an art museum, I began to notice that just about all my sculptures are made of stone.  There are the two circles of love, the Venus of Willendorf, my crystals, and a few other smaller things – all stone.  While I do have a few things made of metal, my Buddha, water fountain, etc – most of my things are stone or a mixture of stone and metal.

I love stones.  I know that some stones are used for healing and gemstones are associated with healing qualities and the ability to unblock your charkas.  However, stones are something else.  There is something awesome about them.  I love the way they feel and the way they change over time.  they remind me of the transformational power of the Creator.  I remember once having this stone which when I held it in my hand was rough.  However, over the next several years I would hold it and caress it and show it love everytime I was angry or upset with someone.  it was my reminder to be loving in all circumstances.  I remember one day holding my stone and realizing it was becoming smoother after all my years of loving and caressing it.  maybe that is why I love stone so much.  But I also know that each one has its own personality and has a story to tell.  I have had these amazing conversations with stones as I have listened to them tell me why they have the colorings and cracks and indentations that they do.  it took me a while to realize that all of creation speaks its own language, we just need to learn how to listen.  Just like we learn how to listen to and communicate with our cats, birds, dogs and other creations, we can learn how to listen and converse with stones.