Week 5, Day 6 – Finding Balance

These were the choices I had for today:

  1. Dialogue with the part of you that craves excitement. When have you felt joy? Now do some streaming and see what you can learn about yourself and what you need to remember about balance.
  2. The answer to finding balance can be found in little things. make a list of small actions to do each day to help you find balance, such as writing in the morning, noticing your breath as you walk to work, checking in with your body to see if you need a break and how best to do that. Try keeping this schedule for an entire week.
  3. Pick an object to which you have been emotionally attached to in some way. How did that object help you with your balance? Do you remember different times in your life when it was important to you? Describe them and what they have to teach you.

Lol, so I am excited because tomorrow is one of those days where we are supposed to go somewhere outside and reflect and grow and I can actually do that. Excited about my first outside the house thing of the yearJ. Whoo hoo! 

Ok so the thing that is most speaking to me is this schedule to keep balance in my life. I am pretty disciplined; I always say I have to be because I have so many things on my plate. So maintaining that balance between work and play and family and me is important. my work schedule is fairly routine by now and even my social life has gotten pretty routine – hmm, not such a good thing as I think about it, but with liftline it almost has to be as it is amazingly hard to get something without your three days notice L. Ah, but grateful to have the service back. Excited about going to the garden factory in the middle of winter tomorrow. So maybe that is something I can do, select one day a week when I go somewhere, I have never been before in this city and explore. Zoë and I have been talking about making Thursdays our date afternoon, neither of us likes traveling evenings these days. We can have fun doing a day trip every Thursday exploring the city. That does sound good.  There are so many places we have yet to go. Things to see. Ok. I have been getting up and doing my writing most mornings. I try to get up and do my writing while Zoë is still asleep. Sometimes I just need that quietness in the house when she and the cats are still sleeping. There is also something meditational about listening to the three of them snore. And then there is taking the time each morning to do my walking up and down the hallway or riding my little bike. I kind of like the idea of paying me first. Feeding my spirit and my body, making deposits in myself before anybody else. I think I am also going to make a list of friends I would really like to connect with in person once a month and pick one person a week to connect with and make it a monthly date. So maybe one on the first Wednesday of the month, somebody else the second Wednesday, etc. that would be structured enough for liftline, but allow me to be intentional about spending time with friends. Dates with Zoë, dates with friends, quiet time for me. 

Hmm, what else do I enjoy? I love reading and crocheting and drumming. I have not drummed for a while; maybe once my finger feels better I will begin again. I can work on crocheting again at night before I go to bed. Would love to finish this blanket and start something new. Therefore, I think I could take time each night before going to bed to either read or crochet or both. Zoë can read her catalogues while I am crocheting J -- this way she can show me all these pictures and I can keep crocheting. She loves looking at catalogues and truth be known, while I do not get her fascination with it, I do enjoy watching her do it. It brings her such love.

Ok. So this is the plan for project balance. Hope my friends will support me as we seek to help each other find a little balance in each other’s lives J