Week 8, Day 3 – Humor

The choices for today were:

1.                  Write about some situations hat feel especially difficult right now. Explore the ways humor might help you cope better. Even if that seems impossible, by writing awhile you’ll put the possibility into your life.

2.                  Go through magazines and find pictures that make you laugh. Write what you think resonates in you about that picture? Is it a memory? Which one? Is it shadow stuff? What? How can humor help you know yourself better?

3.                  Write about some experiences humor has help put to rest.

Well I didn’t have any magazines around the house, so I decided to spend a bit of time watching commercials and there are a few that make me laugh.  Sadly, or ironically, many of them are from the same company – GEICO.  I love the commercial with Maximus the Pig who is going wee wee wee wee wee all the way home.  I love that commercial.  I crack up laughing every time I watch it and sit there and go wee with Maximus.  Watching it brings me back to being a little girl and that game my mom used to play with me about the five little pigs and the little one that went wee wee wee all the way home.  Love it! On the other hand, I also love the drill sergeant psychiatrist commercial for Geico.  I was talking about this commercial with a few of my friends who do counseling and they love it too.  It is not that we are not compassionate and sensitive, but sometimes you are working with someone who is stuck in this swamp of despair and does not seem committed to their own recovery/evolution. I am sure my therapists have felt that way a time or two in the past. Actually, I know one did because she kind of did the drill seargeant number on me one time.  I never went back to see her again, but I can very much understand how she must have felt at the time because I was in a place of deep grieving. The third commercial I saw that made me laugh is for the ladders.  I died laughing watching all these real looking people trying to act super sexy as if that made them more attractive to an employer.  I loved that these looked like real people, and how it took the whole idea of being attractive to a company in a whole different direction. What I liked about this one is that it made me realize is that it is not what one looks like physically that makes them attractive to an employer, it is about the confidence one exudes and one’s own comfort with self.  I might have to try this again with some magazines. Maybe I would learn more about myself.