Step away from the kitchen!

I recently got an email from someone asking me why I had not written about my spiritual cooking adventures this week.  So to those of you who have been wondering why I have not written; there is a simple explanation.  I have been sick for the last 10 days.  I won’t go into detail, but suffice it to say that the only thing I was cooking in my kitchen was tea and toast.  Those seemed to be the two things I could keep in my stomach.  So while my heart would have liked to have been continuing on my zucchini adventures, my body was not willing.  Zoë, much to her excitement I think, was left to eat anything she could order in, microwave, toast, or get through the local drive through. While being sick was not fun and taking a break from the kitchen was not what I had in store, my time resting reminded me of the importance of taking a Sabbath.  There are times that we need to step away from the kitchen and allow ourselves a time to be served by others instead of being served.  Now that my stomach is back to normal, whatever that is, my body is back in the kitchen, and tonight I will be making a zucchini and ricotta frittata.  If time allows, I might also make a zucchini and cilantro soup to accompany it.  This is one of those days I am grateful for the fresh mint and basil on my front porch.  While I am enjoying my time with the letter Z, I think Zoë will be glad when I am on to the next letter in the alphabet.  She, I fear will soon be zucchinied outJ.